I am gonna keep my blogs really simple and to the point so it is not hard for you to search the main information so these are high protein food that you could include in your vegetarian diet.Include these protein foods in your diet and do your workout or complete your daily protein intake.Vegan-protein-foods

  1. Soya Chunks – 25 gms protein in 50 gms  value (Rs.10). (For men – Do not take more than 25gms protein a day from soya products it could result in hormonal imbalances.25 gms protein is perfectly safe)
  2. Paneer – 18gms in 100gms value (Rs.26).(you can use it on daily basis)
  3. low fat curd – 25gms in 250gms value (Rs.20)
  4. Tofu – 20gms in 250 gms
  5. Nuts – 30 gms in 100gms

Lose 10 kg of fat (not muscle) in just 6 weeks in 2 Steps(1 min read)

Fat man holding a measurement tape against white background                                  Today we are focussing on just weight loss and in doing so we even losing our muscles with it the result that remains is skinny fat and that’s what we definitely do not want. i was too overweight weighing over 80 kgs and then i dropped my weight to 70 kgs in 6 weeks.

So there is just 2 Steps to Reach this goal

  1. The most important is your nutrition                                                                            I don’t know why we put it on second place you can even lose weight without doing exercise just by changing your eating habits. Without following a proper nutrition you can’t lose fat no whatever you do. you can’t cut your daily calories more than 500.  i will providing you with the link of a nutrition plan so you don’t have to search it elsewhere. and if you want to take fat burner or something fancy i strongly recommend don’t go for it instead you can use green tea extract capsules thrice a day 30 min before your meals it will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat.                                                                                            http://www.gurumann.com/Muscular_8_Nutrition_Plan_MORNING.pdf
  2. Hit Gym or body weight exercises and DO cardio.                                                           Hit gym and Do cardio 6 times a week and you will be training fast twitch muscles that mean more reps(17-20) than weight. It will be Getting in you High intensity Training mode(HIT) and HIT is scientifically proven to burn fat than other type of exercise. Just running ain’t gonna burn your fat that much effectively you will lose weight not just fat. so hitting gym is compulsory and if not gym then you should be doing body weight exercises as it will increase your muscle mass that will eat away your excess fat. Right way to go for cardio during this regimen is after your weight training as it will deplete the reamining glycogen in your body and you will lose your fat.


Do Tell me your Results after 6 Weeks and comment if you want me to cover any topic.




Logical Muscles

The world is full of misconceptions and misinformation. It doesn’t matter whatever it is we mostly use rule of thumb in most3dmuscles

of the situation because of lack of information about it. over different website there are different methods of everything and it confuses us what to do and what not to and Muscle building is no such different arena. So what i am going to do here is answer most of the questions about muscle building and misconception and bad information that you got with full scientific backing

Stay tuned to this blog and Get all your answers and do comment the topic you want to have in this blog and i will cover it for you and with rigorous scientific backing.