I am gonna keep my blogs really simple and to the point so it is not hard for you to search the main information so these are high protein food that you could include in your vegetarian diet.Include these protein foods in your diet and do your workout or complete your daily protein intake.Vegan-protein-foods

  1. Soya Chunks – 25 gms protein in 50 gms  value (Rs.10). (For men – Do not take more than 25gms protein a day from soya products it could result in hormonal imbalances.25 gms protein is perfectly safe)
  2. Paneer – 18gms in 100gms value (Rs.26).(you can use it on daily basis)
  3. low fat curd – 25gms in 250gms value (Rs.20)
  4. Tofu – 20gms in 250 gms
  5. Nuts – 30 gms in 100gms

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